Contest: Loyal to My Farmer(s)

If you register with your farm between February 10 and March 10, you run the chance of winning one of five $100 rebates offered by the Family Farmers Network.

Here is the list of subscribers who have won a 100$ refund  :
- Noémie Savard (Les Jardins du Lac)
- Chardé Morgan (Racines Rurales - Coopérative fermière bio)
- Suzanne Ducharme-Déry (Coopérative La Charrette)
- Carole Allard (Les jardins de l'Équinoxe)
- Alex Gauvin (Ferme de la Rondine)

For yet another year, we invite you to renew your support for organic farming, for the local economy, and consequently, for our farm. In return, we maintain our commitment to share with you our seasonal bounty, a large variety of produce harvested and delivered just-in-time via your CSA basket to ensure you experience the freshest and tastiest of what our farm has to offer – as we continue to engage in farming practices that respect the life-giving biodiversity of our soils.

We thank you for your loyalty to our farm and your solidarity with the entire Family Farmers Network.

Contest : loyal to my farmer(s)