For this 2022 edition and the others to come, it is with great pride that the Family Farmers Network invites you to participate in the Rooted Schools program. After 6 years of work to carry, support and structure this magnificent project, Équiterre is passing the baton to the producers of the Network.

The Family Farmers Network encourages schools, childcare centers and community organizations across Quebec to take part in an innovative fundraising campaign that offers a unique opportunity to teach kids and their families about the benefits of eating healthy, local and organic food: selling baskets of organic vegetables produced and delivered by a farm belonging to the Family Farmers Network.

Each basket is sold for $32 and has a value of $25. Online payment is offered to all establishments to facilitate their management of the campaign. This service is offered for a fixed, minimum fee.* For each basket sold, the farm receives $23, the establishment receives either $7 or $5.77 (if it uses the online payment service), and the Family Farmers Network receives $2 for the administration of the program.

Baskets are delivered to your establishment on the date you determine with the farmer.

*This fixed fee is established by the banking system (2.9% + C$0.30 per transaction, or $1.22 per basket).

We encourage you to check out the information on how to implement this campaign in your establishment (Step-by-Step Guide and Quick Guide). Feel free to use our video clip and fact sheet to present the project to your establishment’s principal or governing board!

Registration for the 2022 edition of Schools Take Roots

This year’s edition of Schools Take Root is adapting to the COVID-19 context. In the event that vegetable basket deliveries are canceled for health reasons, we have added a solidarity option, which provides the opportunity to strengthen food security. By simply checking a box in the order form, families will be able to choose to donate their vegetable basket to a local food bank rather than receiving a reimbursement, according to the terms provided.

More than ever, it is clear that sustainable food is a concrete solution to build a more resilient and supportive society, and we are determined to continue supporting the farmers who feed our families and our communities.

For healthy, local and sustainable food.


  1. Raise funds for your establishment;
  2. Support local and organic farming;
  3. Contribute to the health of children and the planet!


  1. Read the Step-by-Step Guide and the Quick Guide;
  2. Get the support of your establishment’s administrators and identify a contact person to coordinate the campaign in your establishment;
  3. Sign your school up for the Schools Take Root fundraising campaign ;
  4. Promote the fundraising campaign to kids and their family at your establishment thanks to the tools provided by the Family Farmers Network  (September 2022);
  5. Track the evolution of basket sales thanks to the new order management platform (September or October);
  6. Coordinate basket delivery to your establishment on the agreed upon date (usually in October or November);
  7. Help us evaluate the project via an online satisfaction survey, sent to families and the campaign manager (November or December).
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To find out more about the Schools Take Root fundraising campaigns carried out by schools, childcare centers and organizations in past years:


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