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Family farmers network: well lived and organic

One of the biggest network of organic farms

Today, the Network brings together 141 organic farms in Quebec and New Brunswick, feeding more than 28,000 families every year, as well as numerous partners who provide convenient basket pickup locations.

Farm of the Family Farmers Network

Our farms

The Family Farmers Network is a network of produce and livestock farms that promotes community-supported organic farming through an organic basket distribution program.

The Family Farmers Network is an exemplary model of ecological agriculture and market proximity.

History of the Family Farmers Network


Founded by Équiterre in 1996 on the principles of community supported agriculture (CSA), the Family Farmers Network started with 7 farms and 250 families in Québec. Today, the network brings together more 145 farms in Québec and New-Brunswick, who feed more than 28 000 families every year.

Drop-off point in municipality

A farmer in my municipality

Municipalities can play an active role in the development and consolidation of this contribution to the local economy by adjusting their regulations in order to make public spaces available year-round to our farmers.

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A farmer at your office

A farmer at the office

A farmer's basket full of healthy, locally grown, organic vegetables, delivered directly to your workplace once a week? Find out how easy it is to host a drop-off point for the Quebec Family Farmers Network.

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Kiosque de la Ferme aux petits oignons

Farm stands

Your weren’t able to register for your organic CSA basket this season?
The good news is that many of our farmers have farm stands at the farm or in public markets and farmers’ markets across Quebec and New-Brunswick.

Meet the team

1 Audrey Meyer

Audrey Meyer

Development counselor

Audrey is an idealist, albeit with both feet firmly planted on the ground and a practical mindset. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences, and is well aware of the issues related to alternative forms of agriculture that are respectful of both the planet and humankind.
A desire to contribute daily to the construction of a fairer and healthier society is what compels her to bring her skills to bear in serving the Family Farmers Network.

Andréanne Geoffroy

Andréanne Geoffroy

Communication assistant

A recent marketing and communications student, Andréanne is a new addition to the Family Farmers Network.

Her concern for the environment as well as the promotion of local consumption and food systems has contributed to her activism on the climate change front. She believes supporting direct-to-consumer food delivery options and organic agriculture are an important part of the solution.

Marc Simonnot, communication officer

Marc Simonnot

Communication officer

Given his expertise in digital marketing, Marc has helped many organisations develop their marketing strategy and better undertstand the digital landscape.

By joining the Family Farmers Network, Marc finds himself in familiar territory and enjoys the sense of shared values. His father is an organic farmer, and Marc himself has a French high school baccalaureate in agronomy.

Marie-Hélène Pâquet

Marie-Hélène Pâquet


A nutritionist by training, Marie-Hélène has spent the past several years working in local food systems, the promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption, local and organic agriculture and the overall promotion of short supply chains.

A projet coordinator for more than 15 years, she continues to be driven by an interest in changes in consumer habits driven by concerns related to health, the local economy, ethics and the environment.

Olivier Côté Thibault

Olivier Côté Thibault

Counselling for farmers

Throughout his studies in urban planning, ecology and geography, Olivier developed an interest for agriculture and the vitality of rural territories.

With the intention of participating in the growth of small-scale ecological farming and to bring city folks closer to farmers, he founded Les Compagnons Maraîcher.e.s. Serving and attending the needs of farmers within the Family farmers network hence is for him very suited.