Local and organic vegetable baskets Eat local and organic with our different formulas

Each farm is an independent family business growing its own varieties of fruits and vegetables in order to ensure a colourful and diverse weekly offering. As a result, there are as many basket formulas as there are farms in our network!

Here are a few definitions to help you better understand our farms’ offerings


Your farmer sets up a stand at the drop-off location and you get to choose your vegetables (a pre-determined number, weight, etc.) according to your basket format (small or large).

Exchange basket

Your farmer makes a selection of the farm’s freshest vegetables as they are harvested and delivers a bountiful and colourful pre-packed basket to you. An exchange basket is provided for you to swap out vegetables, if necessary. 

Complementary products

As a bonus, some farms offer complementary organic products  -- eggs, meat, bread, honey, fruits, flour – either at sign-up or from time to time at your drop-off location.

Format options

Your family farmer’s offering in terms of basket size and price will vary according to the vegetables produced and the value of the basket contents. Often, two sizes are available : small or large.


Each farmer plans the number of seasonal deliveries according to the natural cycle of the farm’s harvests. Some vegetables grow faster and earlier in the season, others come much later. Some farms offer a choice between weekly and bi-weekly baskets, to better meet your needs.


You can make arrangements with your farmer to have friends and/or family enjoy your veggies while you are away on holidays. Alternatively, you can suspend deliveries while you are away and make up for missed baskets upon your return.


The cost of your basket subscription is determined by two variables : basket size (small or large) and the total number of baskets. The number of baskets varies according to the number of weeks the farm delivers (14 to 28) and the basket frequency you choose (weekly or bi-weekly).


Pre-payment is a confirmation of your commitment to the farm for the season. It allows your farmer to better plan for the season given a known quantity of baskets to produce and deliver. It provides peace of mind to know that what is planted is already sold and will not go to waste. Some farms offer the possibility of installment payments.